1st – Mareah von Winckelmann, Phantoms of Kids, Bradford K-8 North, grade 8
2nd – Jia Cull, The Incident, Slavens K-8, grade 8 
3rd – Campbell Mahoney, Tumbleweed in Arizona, Slavens K-8, grade 8

1st HM – Guadalupe Andrade, Night, Pinnacle Charter School, grade 8 
2nd HM – Dory Dugal, Hanukkah, Beulah School of Natural Sciences, grade 7
3rd HM – Adeeb Moktader, What an Animal Thought, Falcon Creek Middle School, grade 7
4th HM – Colton Patterson, An Ocean of Beauty, Bradford K-8 North, grade 7
5th HM – Eloise Ordelheide, Darkness, Slavens K-8, grade 8

6th HM – Mia Cushman, Thanks I guess for breaking my heart, Slavens K-8, grade 8
7th HM – Justin Dean, America’s Pastime, Falcon Creek Middle School, grade 7


1st – Aurella Beisner, Memory, Thompson Valley High, grade 9
2nd – David Enoah, Life without a home, Dolores High, grade 11
3rd – Kora Tande, Overcome, The Vanguard School, grade 11
1st HM – Jordyn Minjarez, Dragon Within, Fowler High, grade 10
2nd HM – Grant Rackov, Memories, Erie High, grade 11
3rd HM – Brooke Bell, Lost Time, Fowler High, grade 10
4th HM – Wyatt Berens, The Finality Garden, Erie High, grade 12

5th HM – Araceli Gonzalez Benavidez, From Afar, The Vanguard School, grade 11
6th HM – Garrison Copeland, One Step at a Time, Erie High, grade 12
7th HM – Katelyn Broker, Trigger, Peyton Online Academy, grade 12


Columbine Poets Presents the
National Federation Of State Poetry Societies, Inc

Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest

Rules: 2020 annual competition 
Columbine Poets of Colorado
Junior Division – Students in grades 6-8

Senior Division – Students in grades 9-12

The competition is open to all Colorado students in grades 6 – 12.  Public, private, and homeschool students are eligible for entry.

PRIZES  in  Each Division

1st PRIZE:  $30        2nd PRIZE:  $25         3rd PRIZE:  $20

Contest Rules  (Teachers please read and follow carefully.)


1.   Submit 2 copies of only 1 poem, any subject, typed single spaced, and no more than 30 lines.

        If a poem continues beyond one page, you may staple the two together. 


2.   Poem should have a title.  Use only standard 12 pt. and type font; no illustrations, please.


    3.   In upper left corner of both copies, include the division, either Junior Division or Senior Division.


4.   On 1st copy, only, in the upper left corner, under the Division, type student's name and address  (including city, state, and zip code), and student’s phone number (w/area code).

    In the upper right corner, type the school’s name and address , the teachers name, and student’s grade level.


5. After all the identifying information, please type this statement of originality: “This is my original work and has not been copied in whole or in part from another author’s work, including poems posted on the Internet.”  Students need to sign under this statement. Without this statement and signature, the student’s poem will be disqualified.

    (Teachers, please help students to understand the seriousness of this statement and include it only on 1st copy)


    6.   Second copy should be anonymous with NO identification of student, school, or state.


    7.   Envelopes must be postmarked or electronically submitted no later than January 10, 2020.


    8.   Winners lists will be available in March.  No poems will be returned.  Winners list will be posted on the website at columbinepoetsofcolorado.com after all winners have been notified.


    9.   Send all poems to:
               Columbine Student Poetry Contest

               Marleine Yanish, Contest Chair
                2435 S. Birch St.    
                   Denver    CO    80222

You may also email or share a Google Doc entry to


    10.  Teachers may send poems from two divisions in a single envelope, but please separate the

         Junior division from the Senior division into different stacks.  Do not staple stacks together. 


Helpful hints for writing a high quality poem:

1) Read your poem aloud and listen for any awkward phrasing.

2) Have a friend/teacher/parent read your poem and respond to it.

3) Don't count on the spell-checker to catch all spelling errors; proof-read your poem carefully.

4) Is every word important?  Cut it down to the essential words.  Use metaphors when possible.

5) Don't tell everything in plain language.  Show us your idea by image and metaphor when possible.


Top 10 poems will be forwarded to the National Manningham Contest to compete for even greater prizes.

Send inquiries to manningham@columbinepoetsofcolorado.com